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Skimore rents out sledges at Frognerseteren

A helmet is included in the price, but we encourage everyone to bring their own helmet and goggles.
We also rent out shoes, trousers and jackets for those who need them (limited number).

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 10.00-22.00
Saturday - Sunday: 09.00-21.00


Guest pass - children/youth up to 16 years of age with height less than 160 cm: NOK 115
Guest pass - people over 160 cm tall: NOK 150
Rental of trousers/jacket: NOK 100 per share.

Book a Sledge easily in the Skimore app! Although drop-in is possible, we recommend booking in the app to avoid waiting in periods of high demand.


Groups/schools: Get in touch for a price offer

Bring the family

The corkscrew is suitable for all ages who like to play and have some excitement under controlled conditions. Here, the youngest and oldest in the family can have equal fun side by side. It is easy to control the speed by braking the sled as was done in the "old" days. Gather the gang for a day of speed and excitement on the toboggan run. We guarantee a fun day of sledding, snow splashing and casual competitions where it's all about getting down first.

How to get there

The subway from the National Theater to Frognerseteren takes only 35 minutes. After the toboggan ride, you take the subway back up to the top in 15 minutes. You will find us centrally located between Frognerseteren station and the start of the Korketrekkeren.
(We are not responsible for service interruptions on the subway).
Address: Holmenkollveien 198, 0791 Oslo

Recommended safety rules:

  • Show consideration and use common sense, adjust your speed

  • Take it easy and get to know the track if it is your first time sledding

  • Wear a helmet and goggles

  • If you have to stop/fall to the ground, pull well  out to the side so that the track is clear for those sledding

  • If there are many visits (Saturdays and Sundays), those with young/smaller children should avoid  the busiest times of the day

  • All sledding is at your own risk

Did you know that sled rental is included in the Skimore membership?




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In the Skimore app you will discover a number of useful features. And as one of the few facilities in the world, we now give you the opportunity to use your phone as a lift card! With the app, you can easily manage membership, buy guest passes, or even book time in our climbing parks and toboggan hire - all in a practical and simple way.

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